Everlasting Cellular Energy 03/13/2016

Our core active ingredient blend to maintain cellular energy and activate the stem cells is based on an exclusive soy extract certified ECOCERT. We bring to the cells all the vitality of the seeds from which it is extracted, to awake the cutaneous metabolism.

It is obtained by gentle hydrolysis of soy proteins. It is a fraction balanced in peptides, aminoacids, proteins, essentials minerals (Magnesium, zinc, copper and calcium) and organic anions biological carriers of essencial minerals ( gluconic acid and L-aspartate).

 that delivers two levels of activity:

  • Short term, it boosts oxygen consumption and increases the cellular energy of our cells.
  • Long term, it activates stem cells to stimulate cellular renewal, for a brighter skin.


They induce a revitalization of the cutaneous metabolism and insure long-term rejuvenation of the cell’s vital functions. They are obtained by a specific reproducible extraction process allowing the selection of a high fraction of peptides whose molecular weight ranges from 1 000 to 6 000 Daltons. These peptidic or heteropeptidic fractions are characterized by their ability to boost vital cellular functions, because of a Growth Factor Like activity.


Essential aminoacids, which are not naturally synthetized by the organism, directly provide the skin with nutrients responsible for maintaining biological balance. In particular, these aminoacids are used in the synthesis of important proteins such as collagen and elastin.


Mineral salts (Potassium, Sodium, Calcium…) are catalysts of cutaneous biological reactions and play an important role in maintaining epidermal surface moisture because of their capacity to fix water. They are the key to maintain an efficient cellular respiration. With the slowing down of mitochondrial activity the ATP production is reduced and the oxidative stress increase.

– Increases the immediate availability of oxygen to the skin

– Boosts oxygenation of the skin cells

– Increase of ATP production

– Increase in cell metabolism and cell regeneration: Everlasting cellular energy.