Founded in 2000, Adriana Wroth, Founder and President, first opened AW Advanced Skincare Training to provide advanced education to professionals seeking to grow in their careers.  After successfully training thousands of professionals on the latest anti-aging treatments, we felt a strong commitment to help our clients understand the science behind skincare formulas and their relevance in the skin care profession. We felt a strong responsibility as a training center to introduce the latest science based on active ingredients, scientific data, and efficacy.

In 2012, we began searching for an exclusive skin care brand to introduce to the United States. During this search, we had a strong vision of what the industry needed. A brand that was innovative, result-driven, and parallel to the high integrity that AW Skincare believes in. After a relentless search, in 2014 we found our answer to our vision  in Figueres (SPAIN), the famous city of Salvador Dali.  Shortly after, our vision became reality and we successfully launched Oxynergy Paris Group and sister brand Fusion Mesotherapy in all 52 states in the U.S.

Manufactured in Europe, both companies were started in 2001 and are now in over 45 countries. Fusion Meso carries the latest technology and skincare imported from Spain, “The Meso Capital”. Offering new active ingredients following the highest production standards for maximum effectiveness and safety.

More about Fusion Meso

  • Imported from Spain with clinical studies available for each product
  • All products contain only pure active ingredients – no preservatives or
  • chemicals
  • All vials have a five year shelf life
  • Unique manufacturing process prevents damage to active ingredients.
  • Over 30 sterile vials available to treat a variety of skin concerns

Oxynergy Paris Group has a clinical study unit to carry out in vivo safety and efficacy studies of cosmeceutical products and medical devices. Our aims is to demonstrate our customers the real effectiveness and safety of each of our products.


The clinical study unit is in charge of: 
• Performing treatments on patients.
• Monitoring the results with cutting edge optical system.
• Demonstrate the effectiveness and safety of each product.
• Working closely with R&D department to discover new active ingredients and develop new products.

A wide range of professional solutions for creating customized treatments, tailored to the needs of each patient. Specific protocols that include the prevention and preparation phases, the specific treatment steps, and the final follow-up and maintenance phases. Both the professional and patient will enjoy all the advantages of our treatments and technology to achieve perfect body lines and young radiant skin.