Brand History

Founded in 2009, Adriana Wroth, Founder and President, first opened AW Advanced Skincare Training to provide advanced hands-on education to professionals seeking to grow in their careers.  After training thousands of professionals on the latest anti-aging treatments, we noticed a strong void in the highly competitive skincare market.  A common industry problem was the lack of education, quality, and integrity available in wholesale and professional products. To help professionals become more profitable, we made a commitment to help our clients understand the science behind skincare formulas and their relevance in the skin care profession. As an industry leader, we expanded on a new mission: to introduce the latest skincare science based on active ingredients, scientific data, and efficacy.

In 2012, we began searching for an exclusive skincare brand to introduce to the United States. During this search, we had a strong vision of what the industry needed. A brand that was innovative, result-driven, and parallel to the high integrity that AW Skincare believes in. After a relentless search, in 2014 we found the answer to our vision  in Figueres (SPAIN), the famous city of Salvador Dali.  Shortly after, our vision became reality and we successfully launched Oxynergy Paris Group and sister brand Fusion Mesotherapy in all 52 states in the U.S.


Respect the skin & environment

carefully selecting each raw material.

Create sensorial experiences

incredible textures and scents.

Powerful active ingredients

immediate & long lasting results.

Personalized skincare

every skin is unique & particular.

Make beauty perfect

for every woman.

Everlasting Cellular Energy

Our secret to maintain cellular energy at the highest level and activate the stem cells is based on an exclusive soy seeds extract, ECOCERT certified. We bring to the skin cells all the vitality of the seeds from which it is extracted, to awaken the cutaneous metabolism. Obtained by gentle hydrolysis, it is composed of peptides, amino acids, essentials trace elements (Magnesium, Zinc, Copper, Potassium, Sodium and Calcium) and organic anions.

Personalized Skincare

To render personal rather than impersonal or purely professional. To make or alter so as to meet individual needs, inclinations, or specifications. Each person has different genes and different lifestyle. Each person has a different skin type and skin concerns. The concept of personalized skin care is to create and design products for each single person. The product will be adapted to the skin type and will treat all the skin imperfections in one single product.


Because each woman is unique & each beauty is particular

Simple and easy

Download our application and calculate in few questions the formulas of MY SERUM, MY CREAM and MY MASK.


There is no need to buy expensive skin diagnostic device or equipment, we trust the experience of beauty experts to determine with the   customer their skin type and concerns. The products price is similar to conventional skincare.


11 highly concentrated Power Infuse Serums and 2 Power infuse base creams will be used to prepare the products. These serums contain the latest active ingredients like peptides, growth factors, encapuslated or reticulated hyaluronic acid etc.


The products can be used at home but also prepared for cabin use in order to personalize each professional treatment.