ice cream repair


Rich repairing cream with the texture of ice cream is to be applied after peeling procedures. The cream has to be stored in the fridge to give that cool effect upon application.

The repair process is an essential phase after chemical peelings and it is of primary importance to use the right product. The skin structure must be restored and the processes of differentiation, proliferation, and intercellular communication regulated. The ice cream repair contains a combination of retinol, vitamin E, Bio-placenta (growth factors, folic acid, acetyl glutamine) and unirepair T-43.

This new formulation under the form of an ice cream was developed to enhance the effect of the active ingredients producing an intense cooling sensation and leaving a rich protective film over the skin.


Formulated to repair and control the new skin’s proliferation after peelings. Restores essential lipids to help nourish dry and delicate skin. Improves the skin’s firmness and reduces wrinkles. Sooths the skin and reduce redness during the days after peelings.

How to use:

Apply after peeling procedures and every night. Apply this repairing cream to the face, neck and chest. The cream can be stored in the fridge for an incredible cooling sensation.

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Detailed information


Unirepair T-43, Bio-placenta (5 growth factors, folic acid, acetyl glutamine), Vitamin E, Retinol.

Weight 0.44 lbs

50 ml

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