Body Cream

150 ml airless

This exclusive and innovative gel-cream helps to effectively and quickly reduce the aspect ofcellulite on the thighs, the gluteus and the abdomen. Accelerates the fat burning process anddrainage of accumulated liquids. Ideal for slimming down one size. Provides a pleasantdecongestant and refreshing sensation. Formulated with vectorized caffeine, vectorized proline,lipolitic enzyme and amino-acids.

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Apply the cream on the on the thighs, the gluteus and the abdomen 2 times per day, massaging gently till completely absorbed.


Vectorized proline.

Vectorized caffeine.

Vectorized lipase & hyaluronidase.

Vegetal amino-acids.

Acacia, jojoba and sunflower waxes.


Reduces the aspect of cellulite.

Reduces localized fat deposits.



Avoids the free fatty acids to enter into the adipocytes.

Activates the lipolysis (expulsion of the free fatty acids).

Transforms the liberated free fatty acids in energy.

Reduce inflammation.

Activates the cell metabolism.

Reduces water retention.

Cytostimulation and oxygenation (the products contain oxygenation factor).

Weight 0.49 lbs

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