5 vials of 10 ml

F-CENTELIX combines synergic natural extracts with powefurl effects. Collagen synthesis stimulatingactivity: The triterpenes of Centella Asiatica, and more particularly, asiatic acid, stimulate collagenand elastin biosynthesis, and help to improve wound repair with a better reepithelialisation and anormalisation of perivascular connective tissue allowing an improvement of the venous wall toneand elasticity. Activity on vascular tone: Centella has the potential to enhance connective tissueintegrity, elevate antioxidant levels in wound healing and improve capillary permeability. AsianCentella helps in strengthening the capillaries and veins and assists with better blood circulation. Itstops the formation of fibers that trap fat cells in cellulite and improves the flexibility of theconnective tissue. Fucus is able to inhibit the inflammatory process. It has anti-aging properties byincreasing skin elasticity and its polysaccharides are natural antioxidants. The thallus of fucuscontains organic iodine, which mobilizes retained fluids from some parts of the body, stimulatesblood circulation and removes toxins. Oedema is one of the agents that cause cellulite; thus, activeprinciples which reabsorb edemas are of great use to treat this condition.Ivy saponins have demonstrated in vitro anti-elastase and anti-hyaluronidase activities, useful for theprotection and for the treatment of vein insufficiency. The stimulating action of ivy saponins onblood circulation is reinforced by the flavonoids in this plant. The main activity attributed toflavonoids is that they act as “vein-active” agents, namely that they reduce the permeability andincrease the resistance of blood capillaries. The saponins mixture also showed anti-inflammatoryeffects.

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Fractional meso.

Electroporation meso.



Centella Asiatica extracts.

Ivy extracts.

Fucus extracts.




Venous disorders

Venous insufficiency


Hypertrophic scars (keloids)

Skin ulcers

Stretch marks

Wound healing (after burns, peelings, laser, surgery)


Hair loss.

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