F-Hair Men

5 vials of 5 ml

Hair loss (alopecia) is a common problem affecting both men and women. The most common with a blendof peptides, growth factors, organic silicium, pantenol and hyaluronic acid.one is androgenetic alopecia (AGA) which represent 95% of all hair loss.Hair appear much more complex that they look. They are composed of 2 structures:-Above the skin = hair shaft-Beneath the skin = hair follicleAt the base of the follicle is the dermal papilla & ECM.As papilla & ECM new cells grow, they push the previous cells upwards to form the hair.The dermal papilla plays a crucial role in the dermal-epidermal interactions and is of greatimportance for the hair formation and growth cycle.F-HAIR MEN is an exclusive products that treats effectively alopecia, it was formulated

Repair, fortify, revitalize, stimulate hair regrowth, treat androgenic alopecia, reduce hair discoloration and stimulate stem cells.

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Detailed information


Fractional meso.

Electroporation meso.



Hyaluronic acid 0,1%


Melilot extract.

Carnosine 1%.

Dimethylsilanediol salicylate (organic silica) 1,4%.

3 peptides: Acetyl tetrapeptide-3, CG-Copper peptide, CG-IDP2 biomimetic peptide.

CG-VEGF growth factor.

CG-aFGF growth factor.


Stops hair loss.

Stimulates hair regrowth.

Reduces hair oxydation process and hair descoloration.

Fortifies the hair folicules and the hair strucutre.

Protects the hair.

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