5 vials of 10 ml

F-Radiance is the ultimate treatment against pigmentation and for skin lightening with added growth factors. Skin lightening ismaybe the most difficult to treat as pigmentation is a continuous process and the product must beapplied on a continuous basis. In order to obtain effective results we are acting on 2 mechanisms:At the level of the melanocytes to reduce the production of melanin and on the superficial skinlayers by producing a soft exfoliation to stimulate the skin turnover in order to eliminate thesuperficial cells charged with pigments. After few applications, the skin tone is lightened andimpressive results are achieved on a long term basis. Each vialcontains only active ingredients, without any preservatives or other chemicals.

Lighten the skin tone, soften and renew the skin, reduce pigmentation and neutralize free radicals.

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Detailed information


Fractional meso.

Electroporation meso.





Vitamin C.

CG-TGP2 biomimetic peptide.

Acetyl Glycyl Beta-Alanine peptide.

CG-TRX growth factor.


Inhibits the growth of P. acnes, the principal cause of acne.

Decreases 5 reductase and reduces skin redness.

Stimulates ECM proteins improving tissue renewal for maximal healing.

Sooths irritated skin.

Reduces redness.

Reduces oily skin.

Reduces open pores.

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