F-Vitamin ACE

5 vials of 10 ml

F-Vitamin A, C, E is the ultimate treatment against skin ageing, free radicals, pigmentation, skinlightening or acne. Each vial contains only active ingredients, without any preservatives or otherchemicals. Vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin E are very powerful antioxidants. They prevent freeradical damage, the most significant cause of skin aging. The combination of vitamin A, vitamin C,and vitamin E works synergistically to provide a powerful defence system against ageing. Whenapplied properly, vitamin C has the ability to penetrate into the deeper layers of the epidermisreplenishing the supply of the vitamin. Free radicals can then be scavenged, collagen synthesisrestored, melanin production reduced significantly.

Prevent skin ageing, neutralize free radicals, stimulate collagen synthesis, lighten the skin tone and treat acne.

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Detailed information


Fractional meso.

Electroporation meso.



Retinol 1%

Vitamin C 2%

Vitamin E 0,5%


Reduce alpha-tyrosinase activity (enzyme responsible of pigmentation).

Stimulates skin renewal.

Improves the skin luminosity and glow.

Neutralizes free radicals.

Improves skin softness.

Reduces the appearance of dark spots.

Stimulates collagen synthesis.

Reduces acne.

Weight 0.33 lbs

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