F-XBC Body

5 vials of 10 ml

F-XBC Body is the ultimate cellulite and slimming treatment to achieve the perfect body. It is acting on variousmechanisms to reduce the orange peel aspect, stimulate lipolysis, drain and firm. Only acting on allthese biological processes can lead to successful results in particular for cellulite. Vectorizedhyaluronidase, artichoke and ginkgo biloba extracts eliminate the accumulated liquids chargedwith toxins leading to a volume and heavy leg sensation reduction. Vectorized lipase, organicsilica and caffeine are stimulating the adipocytes to release fat (lipolysis) while L-carnitinestimulates the fat metabolism into the cells. And to complete the process the melitotus is fortifyingthe blood vessels to avoid new cellulite accumulation, while hydrocotyle extract firms the skin toreduce flaccidity due to the volume reduction.

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Detailed information


Fractional meso.

Electroporation meso.



Vectorized lipase & hyaluronidase.


Organic silica.

L-carnitine & taurine.

Ginkgo biloba, cynara, melilotus & hydrocotyle extract


Helps to reduce the aspect of cellulite.

Eliminates toxins, reduces leg pain and water retention.

Fights against accumulated fat deposits by activating lipolysis and fat metabolism.

Firms the skin.

Fortifies the blood vessels & microcirculation.

Weight 0.33 lbs

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