Meso-T Body Mask

24 pcs

MESO-T masks are compacted cellulose masks. They are activated just before application byadding liquid over the mask. It is the perfect solution for post medical treatment. The mask is notcontaining any preservative or chemical. The mask can be tailor made to the treatment by simplyactivating with the desired solution that brings the actives into the mask that later will slowly diffuseinto the skin. The mask provides an extreme refreshing effect and soothes the skin.Meso-T mask are dried and compacted beauty masks made of cellulose fibres. Adding liquid activate the mask that gets charged withactive ingredients. We recommend activating the mask with 3 ml of meso solution and 10 ml of sterile saline solution. The Meso-T masksoothes and refreshes totally the skin. We recommend the meso-T mask after meso, peelings or other aggressive aestheticprocedure.

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