Power Infuse


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Oxynergy Paris is the first to innovate and design Oxygen technology that infuses and sprays personalized serums into the skin.  Using the Power Infuse product line in harmony with the device, you can customize up to 10,000 different serums based on the client’s skin type and concerns.

Because Oxynergy understands that each person’s genetics, skin type and concerns are unique, therefore each treatment must be customized in order to provide the best results.

The secret weapon comes in the form of highly concentrated active ingredients and their ability to interact perfectly in synergy when combined. Interaction and combination of serums not only enhance results for various skin conditions at once, but are also designed to eliminate the possibility of counteracting each other.

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Detailed information


The practitioner will mix a formula based on your specific requirements called “MY SERUM”, a prescription built around the clients skin type and condition. The serum is then infused into the skin to repair and restore vitality, reducing the signs of ageing, increasing firmness and plumping wrinkles and fine lines.


Customization of treatments for each individual client
Create up to 10,000 different serums to use
Offer unique treatments in a competitive market
Two applicators and a variety of programs to work from.
Compact Device
See results after first treatment, however a series of 5-8 are recommended to achieve maximum effect with long term results
Imported from Spain

Weight 11.79 lbs

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